Take Action



Industry Leaders:

You have the power to affect the lives of millions of Americans.  Your choices can help make film and television more diverse, provide opportunities for emerging filmmaking talent and give viewers access to programs that reflect America in all its diversity.

Film and TV are so powerful that they can shape our self-image. That’s why they ought to reflect America. Today, they do not; in fact, diverse communities are underrepresented by 3:1 among leading cast members, 3:1 among directors, and 5:1 among writers.  There is no lack of diverse, talented actors and filmmakers, but they need a chance.

We urge you to help provide that chance for thousands of minority filmmakers on both sides the camera. Short film is a big part of the solution.  With lower barriers to entry, short film is naturally more diverse; talented actors and filmmakers can create professional productions with lower budgets and more freedom of content than Hollywood demands. 

Short film is a proven way to build the pipeline of minority talent needed to make the film and TV industries more inclusive.  Please offer your customers access to short film.